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The adp-vv (an acronym for "alleati dei piccoli - volantini verdi" - in English, "allies of the little ones - green flyers") meet periodically to pray the meditated Holy Rosary, with the aim of growing (and helping others grow) in faith. The heart of this "innovative" prayer is the meditation on the main events in the lives of Jesus and Mary, summarized in 20 Gospel scenes of the traditional mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Meditation is introduced by reading simple, systematic prayer cards which contain the Word of God, a meditation on the mystery, and a passage taken from the Tradition of the Catholic Church.

The adp-vv dedicate themselves, in particular, to observing the following 3 points:

1) pray the meditated Holy Rosary in a group setting once a week (level A), every 15 days (level B), or monthly (level C);

2) participate in holy Mass at least once a week, receiving Jesus in the Eucharist and confessing their sins at least once a month with a Catholic priest;

3) do works of charity as much as possible, especially in helping the pfsgm in their works of charity and their evangelization!

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