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April 2023



in Brazil 

In April, the sisters will open the first community in Brazil, in the city of Curitiba. Since they have taken a vow of poverty and cannot receive money, we have come together to help them with their needs.

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This project is to help the sisters in Mexico. The formation house they recently opened there is still in need of many things. With this fundraiser we intend to help them with their needs. 


Some of their needs are: monthly electrical bill, fans, washing machine, privacy screen for fence and windows, and materials for the formation house...

May 2021

Convent Project


Food care packages


Packages donated: 61 of 70

last update: July 7, 2022

This project aims to help the Little Friars and Little Nuns of Jesus and Mary provide care packages of food for families in need during their missions to various villages in Mexico.

The first mission has finished, and they distributed 25 packages. The next mission is in July.

Each package has: milk, oil, beans, rice, lentils, pasta, flour, oats and coffee.

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