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How we can recognize an adp-vv ally...


First of all, they are amiable and spiritual people! But secondly, they should be wearing the green Rosary bracelet (ten green beads and a cross with the green V). We advise that they wear this as often as possible; as St. Francis of Assisi said, "whoever dies wearing the habit will be more blessed,” and this bracelet is a kind of “habit” for laypeople which indicates their participation in our charism and their willingness to belong, in a visible, outward way, to Mary and her adp-vv Marian prayer groups. Finally, the bracelet provokes curiosity, thus providing an occasion – “in season” or “out of season,” as the Apostle says (cf. 2 Tim 4:2) – to speak about Mary who leads us, through the meditations of the Rosary group, to Jesus and His Sacraments, especially Holy Confession and Holy Communion: which, in turn, bring us (if we are sincere) to eternal life!


How we can recognize an adp-vv group of prayer...

First of all, the adp-vv prayer groups are distinguished by their participation in our unique meditated rosary. They are also distinguished, however, by some external but important signs – including this double emblem or Pennant, with the two mysterious images of the Shroud of Turin and Our Lady of Guadalupe, which each adp-vv group has open during the prayer. A candle is lit and placed in the center along with the little image of Pentecost. The prayer groups should also be furnished the Holy Bible and a folder with the prayer cards for the Rosary (which provide the basic structure for the meditations). The meditations during the Rosary should always lead us back to the Bible, in keeping with our charism and, above all, the Tradition of the Catholic Church.

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